Stereotypically, college kids don’t make the best neighbors, we know that. But living in a luxury apartment complex near a college or university actually means having access to a combination of great benefits that can’t be found in towns of similar size that lack a higher education campus. For the lucky few that get to call the 124 Marketplace apartments in West Chester, PA, their home, the nearby West Chester University provides entertainment, enlightenment and endless resources. Even though the complex is reasonably priced, it’s still usually out of reach for students, so while residents reap the benefits of living near campus, they don’t have to worry about sharing a wall with anyone throwing a college rager. Since opening in April, we’ve found a few exceptionally awesome benefits of living near a college:

Classes for Fun

Though you may not have the fondest memories of sitting in class (we’re looking at you, Applied Physics!), your willingness to learn typically takes a 180-degree turn when it’s a class you consider fun. From perfecting a golf swing to learning how to paint or brushing up on accounting skills, chances are high that WCU will have something you’d love to learn more about.

Furthermore, college campuses often play host to all manner of one- or two-night classes or seminars; these classes are perfect for a unique (and very affordable) date night.

Sporting Events

You don’t need to live in a metropolitan area to be able to catch high-level sporting competitions, if you’re living at 124 Marketplace, you can cheer on the Golden Rams without even having to jump on a freeway to see a live game. With sporting events year round, and tons of sports (from men and women’s soccer to basketball or lacrosse to softball, gymnastics and football) you can catch a (cheap, if not free) game almost any time of the year.

Beautiful Scenery

College towns are usually gorgeous, but most people who live near them don’t seem to realize that it’s the educational institutions that help make the area so beautiful. Acres of wonderfully maintained grounds frame the campus’s remarkable architecture, which adds a ton of flavor to any neighborhood. Grab your favorite book, a blanket and some hot coffee and have a relaxing afternoon on campus. The beauty and serenity of a university typically spills over into the rest of the community, creating a small-town, high-sophistication atmosphere.

Art & Culture

From performance pieces to gallery exhibitions, college campuses are rife with arts and culture for the community to enjoy, and WCU is no different. Student-written plays give you the opportunity witness truly unique dramas and comedies and student-created artwork can often be purchased – which is a great way to (affordably) add to your collection while giving a college student a little extra spending money.

Additionally, colleges are often visited by popular musicians and renowned speakers. The caliber of the visiting performances are beyond what many towns of similar sizes could pull in; so thank WCU for being a cultural hub.

Cheaper & More Diverse Outings

Since the restaurants, bars and entertainment surrounding a college have to accommodate for students who might not have a substantial amount of spending money, a night out on a college town is usually very cheaper than in a big fancy metropolitan. Since university campuses tend to showcase great diversity and college kids are known to be experimental, you can also find a wide variety of eateries – from burger joints, to craft breweries, to green and vegan options. It ends up being a win-win for our 124 Marketplace residents that love food.

Does living near WCU sound enticing? To start calling the most luxurious and highest value West Chester apartments your home, contact 124 Marketplace today by calling (610) 696-5687 or sending a message, or you can schedule a walkthrough or apply online today.