124 Marketplace isn’t just a residential property, but a home that residents can call their own. Moreover, we are committed to providing excellent personal service to ensure that tenants enjoy their new home and the luxury lifestyle that comes with living in one of the apartments in the burroughs of West Chester, PA. What does personal service really mean?

124 Marketplace is a new 5-story building built right in the heart of West Chester, PA. It has one- or two-bedroom apartments that are equipped with modern, fully-functional kitchens, private storage, fitness facility, and a parking garage complete with private on-site security.

Beyond the doors of the luxury apartments in the burroughs of West Chester, PA is a vibrant and exciting lifestyle, thanks to its warm and welcoming neighborhood that has every creature comfort anyone wants to enjoy. Furthermore, there are many shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural opportunities around the neighborhood that will make living in town fun and interesting.

Personal Service

Beyond the gorgeous apartments and great neighborhood is the personal service that 124 Marketplace has to offer.  As a result, residents are guaranteed a great experience living in their new apartments, what with the company being a small business. Unlike large real-estate companies that handle plenty of properties, they only cater to a handful of tenants. This means a leasing manager can be hands-on with the residents, ensuring their needs, from the time they step inside one of the apartments in the burroughs of West Chester, PA, and all throughout their tenancy.

Whatever residents need can be provided for right away, even when there’s a queue going on. This means a much shorter wait time for any requests you put in. Moreover, 124 Marketplace has online Rent Payments and a Maintenance Requests facility where residents can pay rent and get help for maintenance needs. Simply sign up for an account and skip the offline channels. No need to personally visit the office to pay rent or request maintenance.

This kind of accessibility is the epitome of quick personal service. In case of emergency, you can call for help, of course.

Community Atmosphere

Furthermore, 124 Marketplace also has an amazing sense of community. The property virtually hosts an open house for every annual event in West Chester, PA. New residents won’t have to feel lost in an entirely new location and neighborhood. This takes the worries that often come with moving. Being in a friendly neighborhood makes a difference. Being part of a community is special. This is one of the rewards of living in a small community, where everyone can be a friend.

Luxury apartments in the burroughs of West Chester, PA, with an amazing community atmosphere. We employ a commitment to personal service. 124 Marketplace is now over 90% leased because of that commitment. In conclusion, who doesn’t want to live in an apartment surrounded with all the comforts and convenience a tenant needs?