Here at 124 Marketplace, we want our residents to feel like they belong to a community. We know how lonely it can be to just come and go without even meeting your neighbors, so we make it a point to organize events for everyone who lives in our apartments in West Chester Borough.

This March, for instance, we’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going on a bar crawl. We’ll serve food and drinks in the lobby and hand out green hats to get everyone in the mood and, when night falls, we’ll head out to some of the popular bars in the area like Kildaires, Ryans Pub, Saloon 151, Landmark, and Barnaby’s.

Of course, we don’t force the residents of our West Chester apartments to join the festivities; we want our events to be a fun time for everyone, not something like they feel obligated to attend! Still, we strive to organize these events so our residents can:

Relax after a hard day

We know how tiring it can be to spend eight or more hours at work and spend the entire day attending meetings, finishing reports, and catching up on deadlines. Because of this, we strive to come up with engaging and exciting events that will help our residents forget the long day at work. We want them to sit back, have a drink or two, enjoy good food and good company, and feel their stress melt away!

Celebrate holidays

Some of our residents are transplants and are not originally from West Chester. They’ve moved here because of work opportunities and other reasons and, as a result, they don’t have lots of families and old friends in the area. We know we can’t replace their loved ones, but we try to ease the loneliness by centering our events on popular holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. This way, our residents won’t have to celebrate these holidays all by themselves, and they can have fun during these special occasions.

Meet their neighbors

Meeting new neighbors can be difficult. Our residents’ work schedules may not match, so they might not get to see each other in the hallways when they go to work or come home from the office. They might also feel shy and don’t have the courage to go up to people and introduce themselves.

We find a way around these by hosting events, during which our residents can meet their neighbors and mingle with each other while having a fun time. It’s a great way to know more about the people who live in the same building as them and make new friends.

Explore the area

When people move to a new place, they most likely want to explore their new home and see everything it has to offer. Unfortunately, these can be hard to do when they get busy at work and don’t have the time to take a tour around the town or city or even just go on a stroll around the neighborhood.

This is where we come in. Many of the events we organize don’t just center around enjoying food and drinks since we also incorporate a bit of sightseeing into them. This way, our residents won’t only have a fun time but they’ll also explore the local attractions and learn more about their new home.

Wanting to belong to a community is a basic human need. So, here at 124 Marketplace, we strive to build a strong community by hosting fun and engaging events for the residents of our apartments in West Chester PA. To become a resident, contact us online or by calling (610) 696-5687, schedule a walk-through of our building or apply online today.