If you’re considering finding an apartment in West Chester, PA, you’re no doubt interested in becoming familiar with a variety of aspects about the area, from real estate to the schools to entertainment options and everything in between. There are plenty of great reasons to live in West Chester, and we’ve outlined some of the main ones below:

  1. The Real Estate: With a median property value of $313k and median rent standing at about $1,139/month, the area offers an impressive array of affordable quality options for housing. From large single-family homes to spacious apartment rentals and more, West Chester truly offers something suitable for everyone without compromising on safety, beauty, or quality in housing.
  2. The Economy: One of the standard factors that influence how great a place is to live is the economy; you want to be in an area with strong businesses and low unemployment rates – and West Chester has both. The healthy economy of West Chester helps the tax base and retains talent of all types for the city. The median household income is $47,042, much of which comes from the key industries and jobs right in the area.
  3. The Schools: More than half of the adults in West Chester hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and currently, there are more than 9,000 children enrolled in area schools. With several different elementary, middle, and high schools from which to choose, including public and private institutions, every student of every age has access to a premium education from award-winning area schools.
  4. The Health Care: Health care quality, options, and availability are all factors that are very important for anyone considering moving and according to Livability.com, Chester County ranks #1 in health outcomes, #2 for health factors, and #1 in healthy behaviors in the entire state of Pennsylvania. It just doesn’t really get much better than that!
  5. Things to Do: Regardless of whether you’re in the mood for an annual festival, a cultural trip for the arts and local history, or you want to spend an evening dining in the best restaurants in town, West Chester offers it all. Many residents stay active at any of the local area parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas, others will make a day of visiting a local museum or other attraction, and others enjoy exploring the bounty of arts across many mediums throughout West Chester.

With so many different reasons for moving to West Chester, people who have already done so are glad they did, and never regretted their decisions to do so. Residents of all age groups and backgrounds are well represented here, so everyone can find a mix of factors that create the ideal setting in which to settle down with their loved ones, their friends, or by themselves and be perfectly happy. Need a place to get your search for an apartment in West Chester started? Check us out at www.124Marketplace.com!