Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or your twelfth, you likely want to ensure that you’re renting the right space. But how exactly can you choose an apartment that will keep you safe and comfortable and give you great value for the money? Well, you can start by taking these steps:


  1. Determine what you need

Before doing anything else, sit down and ask yourself what you really need in an apartment. How many bedrooms should your space have? Should it be walking distance from your college or office, or are you okay with commuting to and from school or work? Do you have any specific amenities (i.e. pool or gym) in mind? Asking these questions can help you narrow down your choices and find an apartment that best suits your lifestyle.


  1. Set your budget

Aside from knowing what kind of apartment you need, you should also determine how much rent you can afford to pay every month. As a general rule of thumb, your rent shouldn’t take up more than 30 percent of your monthly income — anything more than that is too expensive. Take note that you should also set aside an amount for your utility bills, unless your landlord tells you that they’re already included in the rent.


  1. Do your research

Once you know what your price range is and what kind of space you need, start looking for apartments. The best place to start your search is online, which allows you to discover a wide range of properties without having to leave your chair. For instance, if you were interested in the ‘Burroughs of West Chester’, you could that type that into your web browser, or you could type ‘mccoolproperties.com’ and take a direct look at the best properties on the market. We have a range of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in West Chester, PA, complete with a fitness facility, private storage, and private on-site garage parking.


  1. Tour the property

Once you’ve found a few properties you like, take the time to visit them personally. Viewing apartments on a computer screen is very different from seeing them in person since you’ll get to have a feel of the space and see if it appeals to your taste and personality. You can also physically examine the rooms and check if they’re in good condition or if they’re in need of repairs and maintenance. Some of the things that you should focus on are the appliances (e.g. the stove, oven, and fridge), the lighting fixtures, the plumbing fixtures, and the fuse box.


  1. Examine the community

Don’t just focus on the apartment itself; instead, take a look outside and see if it’s a community you’d like to live with. Speak with the neighbors if you can and ask if they enjoy living in their apartments. Go out into the street to check what restaurants, cafes, malls, and other establishments are nearby and see if you can easily access museums, art galleries, public parks, and other attractions.

Choosing the right apartment isn’t easy, especially when you have a wide range of options to choose from. But, by taking the steps above, you can make the process easier and ultimately find the perfect space for you.



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