For some people, the task of cleaning your room – let alone your whole apartment – can be daunting. Whether you’ve made “keeping a clean place” your New Year’s Resolution, or just need some help in being more efficient in the task, it’s always good to get a little refresher on the best way to clean up a space. Here are a few simple rules to get (and keep) a clean room. And trust us, the bright, spacious apartments at 124 Marketplace look so much better when clean.

Double-Check your Cleaning Supply

Make sure you have all the right cleaning products and tools you’ll need before you set out to clean. There’s nothing worse than getting into a cleaning groove only to find you’ve ran out of towels or disinfectant.

Get in the Right Mindset

We promise, no one will judge you if you give yourself a pep-talk before you start a deep clean. Schedule out a block of time (at least 30 minutes, probably a whole afternoon if you haven’t cleaned in a while) to avoid interruption and get some music playing so the task seems a little more fun.

Decide on a Cleaning Method

You should have a cleaning plan to keep you on task, and to keep you focused until the task is done. For instance, clean clockwise around the room so you know exactly what you already have and still need to clean.

In all honesty, you’ll probably be more inclined to keep your apartment clean if you like love the place you’re living in. Contact 124 Marketplace today, schedule an appointment or apply online to start the process of making our West Chester apartments your new home.

For more cleaning tips, check out the video below!