We’re guessing you’ve already made your New Year’s Resolutions, but we think you should take a second and consider adding a few specific to your West Chester apartment. Making a New Year’s Resolution for your apartment will greatly impact your lifestyle and living space – in a good way.

We did some thinking for you, and while we know it’s already mid-January, there’s still time to get these resolutions into play. Here are five apartment resolutions you can adopt as your own:

Schedule Time to Sanitizing

If you take a second to think about it, we’re pretty sure you don’t make sanitizing your apartment much of a habit. In fact, you probably only do it as part of a deep clean, and deep cleans probably don’t happen on a regular basis, right? But if you create a schedule (and stick with it), you can actually start improving the health of yourself and visitors (by reducing contact with germs and germy surfaces). Remember to sanitize your computer keyboard, light switches, door handles and drawer knobs, and remotes. You might not think of those areas as germy, but germs can really build up since they’re used so often.

Vacuum Regularly

Never underestimate the great power of vacuuming! Starting up the machine regularly is going to help with common allergies since you’ll be removing all the dirt and dust your naked eye can’t see. (For spaces without carpet, adopt a sweeping schedule to combat the same allergens.) You want to get every nook and cranny in your home, you will have to make sure you vacuum or sweep under the bed, under your tables and couches. If you can manage, do a quick cleanup every morning before heading out, or pick the day you typically have the most free-time and get it all done then.

De-Clutter on a Monthly Basis

A clean, clutter-free space often means a clutter-free mind. Pick one area a month (think, hall closet, kitchen cabinets, empty shampoo bottles in the bathtub) and attack one of them a month. Go through each one and toss or donate what you don’t use. Then organize everything that stays. There are a ton of books available with different methods and techniques for de-cluttering, but we think you should do as much as you feel comfortable with.

Set a Laundry Date

Yes, sometimes doing laundry can be a drag, but it is an absolute necessity. When you start setting regular laundry dates, not only will you have a larger wardrobe to choose from, but your West Chester, PA apartment will seem more spacious as you decrease all the laundry clutter on the floor. The best way to start doing this is by making it a habit. Set a weekly date that works best and just like any other date, make it exciting (only read your favorite book, create a special playlist, pack an indulgent snack, etc).

Keep Your Fridge Clean

We’ve all been there, reaching for a bowl or container or something that seems to be stuck to the fridge shelf. It’s not pleasant, but it can be avoided. Just like with decluttering, set a monthly appointment to clean out the fridge. Getting rid of expired food will keep the fridge tidy, and make room for healthier options too.


If your New Year’s Resolution happens to be to move into a new luxury apartment in West Chester, then contact 124 Marketplace today to schedule a walk-through. (Or apply online now.) You’ll soon see why our residents love calling our apartments home.