If you’re looking for luxury apartments in West Chester, PA, you’re probably focusing on where the apartments are located, how big they are, and how much they cost in rent. There’s nothing wrong with this since these factors are highly important, but take note that these aren’t the only things you should concentrate on. If you want to enjoy living in your new home, you should also pay attention on the kind of dining experiences that would be available to you.


Fortunately, if you decide to rent an apartment with 124 Marketplace, you’ll certainly enjoy a wide range of dining options. This comes from the fact that, aside from offering some of the best West Chester, PA apartments, we also strive to immerse our residents in a culinary melting pot.



Local Restaurants

Our location is one of the biggest reasons why 124 Marketplace can offer a varied gastronomic experience to our residents. We are right in the heart of West Chester, which means we’re surrounded by numerous dining establishments that focus on different cuisines. With this wide range of choices, the only thing that our residents should do is to decide what they want eat and where they’d have lunch or dinner!


If they’d like to munch on tacos and fajitas, for example, they can check out the Mas Mexicali Cantina. If they need to do carbo-loading (or if they just have a craving for pasta), they can head off to i-Pasta and enjoy a range of Italian-inspired pastas and sauces.


Those who want to enjoy a relaxing night out with friends should check out Boxcar Brewing Company for some live music or Landmark Americana which is the perfect place for game day. Those who are in the mood for pizza can grab a slice (or an entire box) from Pizza Hut, New Haven Style Pizza, Saucey Pizzeria, or Lorenzo and Sons Pizzeria.


Coffee and Other Drinks

124 Marketplace is also near several cafes, so our residents don’t have to go far if they need a good dose of java or a place where they can work, read, or hang out with friends. Starbucks fans will rejoice since their favorite coffee place is just a few blocks away, while those who want to explore local cafes will love the fact that Fenn’s Coffee, The Lincoln Room, The West Chester Coffee & Ice Cream Bar, and other cafes are just within walking distance.


Residents who love to relax with a beer or some wine after work can easily do so. Ryan’s Pub, Kildare’s Irish Pub, Rams Head Bar & Grill, Side Bar & Restaurant, and other bars are just a few steps away, so our residents can effortlessly find the drink they want and pair it with hearty, delicious food.


Not Just for Diners

It’s important to note that 124 Marketplace isn’t just surrounded by dining establishments since there are also many businesses that sell packaged food products. A Taste of Olive, for instance, offers different kinds of olive oils and vinegars as well as a range of gourmet goods. Golden Valley Farms, meanwhile, sell USDA-certified organic coffee as well as coffee equipment and accessories.


Final Thoughts

Residents of 124 Marketplace don’t just get to live in luxury apartments in West Chester, PA. They also enjoy the convenience of living near quality restaurants, cafes, and other establishments that offer a smorgasbord of gastronomic experiences. Apply online today.