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It’s so important for dogs to be able to roam around, play, get some exercise and associate with other dogs, and one of the best places for them to do that is at a park. Whether it’s a recreational park for pets and people or it’s a specific dog park (or bark park) you’re interested in, you’ll want to take your pooch to one of the following nearby pet-friendly havens as often as you can to maintain his happiness and good health:

Okehocking Preserve Dog Park is one of the most popular parks that are pet-friendly near West Chester. It’s 180 acres of stunningly beautiful meadow lands, wetlands, riparian areas, mature woods, and uplands along Ridley Creek and Delchester Run. You can enjoy five miles of walking trails with your pooch, and there’s a great plot of grass at the beginning of the preserve that is designated for all the leash-free roaming and romping your furry family member can handle. Even though you will need to leash your dog in all other areas of the park, this particular plot less than a mile from the parking lot off Delchester Road is indeed leash-free.

Rolling Hill Park in nearby Gladwyne is well-known as being a very dog-friendly park that’s a great place to bring your beloved pooch. Dogs are welcomed on a leash or off a leash (with a special tag). There is a fenced-in yard, as well as many exceptionally beautiful trails that lead down to the nearby creek; dogs love to cool off there on warm days! Enjoy going on an adventure with your dog to an abandoned mill, the creek, a concrete silo, and more.

Everhart Park is a gorgeous park on Brandywine Street in West Chester that is open from dawn until dusk and has plenty for the entire family to enjoy all day long. This park is pet-friendly for leashed furbabies, and also has a grill area, gazebo, basketball court, playground, a water fountain, rustic footbridge, plenty of beautiful open space, and more.

Rooney’s Dog Park is at Pottstown Pike and Greenhill Road in West Chester, and is a favorite amongst locals as well as visitors. It’s within a larger park, so kids are able to skate and hang out in the area while the family dog roams with you. There is some great covered seating available for you to rest when needed, and there are agility items for dogs who are interested, including balls to throw all over the place.

With so many great pet-friendly parks near West Chester, PA, there’s no excuse not to get out there and enjoy the outdoors with your furry family member. Just be sure that before you go to a new park that you have investigated the rules for pets; while some parks may not require leashes or require them only in certain areas, others may require them everywhere. There may be additional rules you’ll want to be aware of as well, but a little due diligence is all it’ll take to be well-prepared for a day of fun at any of these parks with your pet!