There are many factors to consider when renting a new apartment, including the community surrounding it. Whether you’re part of a large complex with shared amenities, or you simply want to know you’re in a safe neighborhood. The apartment community plays a large role in your ongoing comfort, safety, and overall happiness. If you’re considering renting an apartment, here are 5 things you should look for in your building community.


  1. Shared Amenities: There are some things you want to own privately in an apartment complex, and some that are better shared. Shared amenities give you access to activities and comfort with a shared expense among all tenants. For example, swimming pools, fitness centers, on-site dog parks, and business centers, are all shared spaces which tenants can use in an apartment community.


Some apartment complexes also share things like on-site laundry, coin operated or otherwise. While not idea, it does save on water bills, electric bills, and the purchasing of your own machines. Before renting an apartment, look into what amenities are available, and consider how much you might pay to have those amenities on your own. For example, maybe you’ll save money on a gym membership, which makes that extra money spent on your rent well worth it.


  1. Community Activities: Within an apartment there is unity as a small neighborhood. Many apartment complexes have ongoing activities such as crafting, happy hour events, book clubs, running clubs, and social coffee or pot luck meetups. Some apartments involve the entire community in holiday celebrations such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas or Hanukkah. Apartment communities are also excellent resources for resident networking, both personal and professional.


  1. Facility Upkeep & Maintenance: Apartment buildings get messy, from muddy shoes walking across the foyer to fingerprint smudges on the elevator doors. Living in a clean building is as important as living in a clean unit, and some families won’t rent if the property managers aren’t taking good care of the building. Before you sign a lease, look into the internal and external maintenance, check on things like how often the grounds are tended, how often drains and gutters are cleaned, and how often the main lobby is mopped. This will give you an idea of ongoing care.


  1. Location, Location, Location: The community your apartment is in could dictate where you eat, shop, and work. Look at the different restaurants, schools, and businesses in the area and choose a building which allows you to be within walking distance. Some apartment buildings are also partnered with local businesses, providing residents with access to great community discounts at nearby cafes, eateries, gyms, and shopping centers.


  1. Security: On-site security is a hugely popular feature for apartment complexes. Not all apartment communities offer live security, and instead provide access to a camera system. How safe you feel in your home may be determined by the type of security system your apartment community has in place. Look into how the building manager maintains safety, and whether the super lives in site.


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