How much emphasis have you been putting into the overall safety of a building as you look for a West Chester, PA, apartment? Although our town has a substantially lower crime rate than the rest of the United States as a whole, that doesn’t mean that the safety of future apartment building should be completely disregarded. If you haven’t put any thought into whether or not your apartment offers any safeguards specific to preventing crime or reducing any risk of injury, you could be leading yourself into a dangerous and frightening situation.

Safety should always be a top concern, especially for building managers. That’s why 124 Marketplace is one of the safest apartments in West Chester. Our new building is equipped with many different features to help safeguard you and your family for as long as you call 124 Marketplace your home. Plus, all these security benefits are included with your monthly rent, so you don’t have to worry about any additional fees or applications.

One of the first things many people notice about our property is that our parking structure is actually controlled and monitored at all hours of the day (and night!). Most luxury buildings will have a guard or doorman to watch the street-level or primary entrance, but that neglects the fact that one of the most worrisome places to be alone is actually inside the parking structure. We make up for this though by having controlled access to parking so our tenants can enjoy a peace of mind and true safety day or night walking to and from their vehicles.

While the diligent safety personnel at 124 Marketplace who monitor the building’s closed-circuit system play a major role in ensuring the property stays safe from outside crime, many of our tenants love it for the fact that it helps provide safety beyond simply deterring sketchy actions from non-tenants. If a tenant or guest of our West Chester luxury apartment building be injured while in the public areas of the property (from slipping, falling, or any other accident), our on-site personnel are able to react immediately, take appropriate actions and request emergency medical assistance if necessary. We know that when you’re in pain after an in an injury, every minute can be agonizing, so the closed-circuit video system enables us to look after out tenants and make sure they don’t have to deal with situations like that within the common areas of our property.

If the safety of you and your family is an important factor when deciding on which apartment you might want to move to, or if it’s a new requirement you’ve just decided to consider, there isn’t a better or more secure and safe location in all of West Chester, PA, than the luxury apartments at 124 Marketplace.

To see how safety fits into the benefits of the 124 Marketplace complex and to learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call at (610) 696-5687, schedule an appointment, or feel free to come see the building in person at 124 E Market Street.