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Think it looks like any typical apartments you’ve seen before? Think again.

Very few apartments in the burroughs of West Chester, PA have a lobby area that is fully stocked with complimentary coffee and snacks. Yes, you read that right. Coffee and snacks are free.

And get this – your coffee only comes from one of the best coffee machines.

I know what you’re thinking, no good coffee can come out of a machine. But the Starbucks Mini Interactive Cup (iCup) is different. The brand name alone says it all.

Starbucks Mini Interactive Cup

The iCup provides you with the same high quality coffee you get from Starbucks, but more conveniently. No need to leave the building of your luxury apartments in West Chester, PA to enjoy a cup of fresh brew. Yes, coffee is brewed on demand. Nothing instant here.

  • The iCup brewer grinds coffee beans from Starbucks, one cup at a time.
  • It offers an excellent cup of fresh coffee within minutes.
  • It measures the right amount of coffee beans, grinds, and brews them in 40 to 45 seconds.
  • It also offers non-coffee beverages, such as cocoa, and even plain hot water.

Choose from either Starbucks Breakfast Blend (SBUCKBB) or Starbucks Caffe Verona Decaf (SBUCKVD), with more flavors to come in the future.

Brewed coffee on demand without breaking a sweat. Who doesn’t want that?

The Starbucks Mini Interactive Cup is ideal for apartments in the burroughs of West Chester, PA or offices with a population of 35 to 50 people. Slimmer than most coffee machines, it is an ideal choice for when pantry space is tight. But even with a spacious lobby in 124 Marketplace’s luxury apartments in West Chester, PA, the iCup remains an excellent choice because of its high quality products.

The coffee machine is also plumbed-in, which eliminates the need to refill the water tank and ensures continuous brewing until all the coffee beans are used up. What is great about this setup is that the mess is avoided, and making coffee is just a matter of pressing a button. It comes with a pair of 2-pound hoppers where two types of Starbuck beans can be added – regular and decaf. Powdered cocoa for hot chocolate, on the other hand, is placed inside an internal hopper.

Complimentary brewed Starbucks coffee definitely makes a world of difference in your choice of luxury apartments in West Chester, PA. After all, it gives you a taste of what luxury living is like, where everything you need is available in a matter of minutes.

More of a tea lover? The machine’s hot water option makes it easy to make a fresh cup of tea as well.