Contrary to what you may have heard or seen while looking for a new apartment in West Chester, PA, luxury apartments can actually be rather affordable if you keep your ear to the ground.

One thing you can do is go to the website and social media pages of the apartment complex (or complexes) you have your eye on. Then, make sure you follow those social accounts and set up push notifications so that you’re alerted any time they publish a new post. Since you’re hearing straight from the source, you’ll be one of the first to know when a unit becomes available and use time to your advantage.

What ends up happening is that you’ll get straightforward insights into all the hot deals that your favorite luxury apartments in West Chester, PA, end up announcing. And since most people take to third-party sites while looking for a place to live, having those notifications for each building’s social media page set up could easily end up meaning that you are the first person to see when a particularly good deal gets announced.

With the West Chester luxury apartment complex 124 Marketplace, for example, they posted an announcement on both their Facebook and Twitter  pages that four units on the third floor were available for $1,565 a month. This price and availability can now be found on other sites, but it was first announced through 124 Marketplace’s social media pages. Besides announcing the new availability they also added that they’re offering six months of free parking alongside discounted storage for people who take them up on that third-floor deal. While we’re sure that offer will be extended to anyone looking to rent, if you hadn’t seen it on their social channels, it’s something that would have flown under your radar. And if we’re honest, those added incentives would make moving into the luxury complex would be the cherry on top of an already amazing value.

There is obviously a number of apartment buildings in West Chester that you could set up notifications for in the hopes of landing a great deal like the one 124 Marketplace offered, but there’s a chance that those complexes aren’t active on social media. That being said, before you take the time to set up push notifications, you should look through the property’s posting history and see how often they announce rental deals or if they even post any of them at all.

With a little bit of patience, you will end up landing a great deal on a property you love. Compared to others who use a site like or, you’ll have an advantage in hearing about the specials most people won’t know about. And you never know, you may end up saving hundreds of dollars over a year of renting.

If you have your eye on 124 Marketplace and want to find out more about their floor plans or special deals, give the leasing office a call at (610) 696-5687, send them a message for more information, or get straight to it and apply online.