Living in the historic district of West Chester, PA, offers a unique way to spend free time that is more or less unavailable anywhere else in the region. Although West Chester has a relatively tiny population of around 19,000 people, the borough feels remarkably urban. From taking in the timeless architecture that’s everywhere you turn to visiting the campus of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, the historic district presents plenty of opportunities to enjoy a quiet, relaxing day stepped in culture and history.

And contrary to what people may believe about small towns, West Chester equally offers some wonderfully luxurious locations like restaurants, salons, yoga studios and even apartments. One such place is 124 Market Place, the West Chester, PA apartments that offer residents a prime location, integrated technology services, top-notch security and plenty of amenities.

Since the building is conveniently located near dining, nightlife and entertainment – not even including the places that will soon fill the retail spaces within the complex – residents who live in these luxury apartments in West Chester have numerous options for things to do and places to eat. Most of these restaurants and bars are within walking distance too. From gourmet cupcakes and Thai food to drinking at an authentic cantina and dancing the night away, there is a little bit of everything.

For the homebodies that prefer staying in (there’s no shame in Seamless!), there’s plenty of integrated technology back at 124 Marketplace that make using such apps a possibility. The complex provides free Wi-Fi to all its residents and their guests. This means tenants and visitors can always stay connected. And since high speed internet can end up costing around $600 every year, you won’t feel so guilty about the amount of money you’re spending going out or ordering in.

Additionally, residents can stay fit by making use of the property’s state-of-the-art fitness center which has an excellent collection of cardio and weight lifting equipment.

And although it might not be tech-savvy or state-of-the-art, 124 Marketplace does offer the luxury of inviting along your pet to live with you. There’s even a dedicated pet elevator in the building so residents can privately take their dogs, cats or other approved domesticated animals in and out of the building.

Arguably the best aspect of 124 Market Place is the tremendous security that the property constantly maintains day and night. Along with on-site security personnel, 124 Marketplace has a closed circuit video monitoring system in place that’s watched 24 hours a day, every day. Aside from monitoring the shared spaces of the building, the video system also catches the parking structure and all other points of entry for the entire apartment complex. As an added security, non-residents cannot enter the property without permission from a tenant.

While a single one of these features might be found at other luxury apartment complexes, it’s usually rare to see all of them together at the same time. 124 Marketplace in West Chester, PA is a already looking to be one of the most luxurious apartments in the entire city and units are still available. Those interested in leasing a luxury apartments at 124 Marketplace can schedule an appointment to visit, fill out a contact form online or give the office a call at 610-692-7010 to get more information on availability.