Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, maybe it’s the “New Year, New Me” mentality that’s quickly approaching, or maybe it’s the stellar move-in promotion we’re offering for December, but either way, 124 Marketplace is now 90 percent leased! If you are looking for a new place to call home before the end of the year, now’s the time to schedule an appointment to tour our West Chester apartment complex! You might fall in love and be moved in just in time to ring in the New Year in your new apartment.

While the December move-in special will last for roughly 48 more hours, we have another promotion that might make your move to downtown West Chester just as enticing. If you decide to sign a lease within at 72 hours after taking a tour of the 124 Marketplace apartments building, your security deposit will only be $124. For any of you that have ever rented before, you know that this is an incredible deal, since most security deposits can be near or equal to a month’s rent. And even with are ever-changing monthly move-in specials, there probably is not going to be a better security deposit offered by 124 Marketplace for quite some time. We do like to push the envelope pretty often on our promotions though, and 2016 will be no exception. So if you can’t move in this month, stay posted and continue to check the site to see what we’re offering in the New Year.

If you want to get above and beyond the $124 security deposit, we highly recommend signing before January 1st. Our exceptional December offer includes free parking and free storage for the length of your lease. Where other apartment complexes might charge up to and over $100 for a storage space, we’re giving it away for free through the end of December! Likewise, our gated parking is a real necessity for living in this part of historic West Chester, not just because of security but also because of the neighborhood’s lack of (free) street parking, so again, this special is quite the steal.

On top of saving you money, we’ll also give you money if you sign your lease before the end of the year. If you move into our beautiful West Chester apartments this December, we will also give you a $500 gift card to spend however you want. Use it to hire movers, invest in some home décor or buy the fanciest bottle of Champagne you can find to celebrate your move, it’s yours to choose.

All these offers don’t even come close to the best benefit of living at 124 Marketplace though – and that’s the sense of community we strive to build. From weekly networking events to social media contests and everything in between (including complimentary coffee), we make sure our residents feel at home as soon as they walk in the doors.

While there’s always something going on at 124 Marketplace (promotion, special event, or otherwise) you’re going have to act quickly to qualify for our awesome December move-in specials. Get in touch with us by calling (610) 696-5687 or sending us a message online. If you really want to act fast, apply online or schedule an appointment and get ready to move in. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the 124 Marketplace family!