Simply put, the borough of West Chester, PA is a fantastic place to live. But how would you know if you don’t experience living in an apartment in the heart of the neighborhood? If you’re looking for luxury apartments in West Chester, PA, or haven’t decided on a neighborhood to make yours, read on. We’re listing the things we about living in West Chester, PA. These may just inspire you to apply online and move into 124 Marketplace (where you’ll be close to all the action) ASAP.

  1. It’s a historic place with gorgeous views

West Chester was established centuries ago, with the county found in 1786 and the borough incorporated in 1799. That being said, it was a great historical hub filled with fascinating tidbits and stories. In its history, this borough has been known for clock-making and for having some of the most exceptional architecture in the county. In fact, there are many landmarks around town that prove this: the West Chester Downtown Historic District, the Butler House, the First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, the New Century Clubhouse, the Warner Theater and dozen others.

At 124 Marketplace, we encourage our residents to experience all the historic district has to offer.

  1. It was a dynamic cultural hub

124 Marketplace is nearby many major West Chester landmarks which some consider to be the pillars of culture for much of Pennsylvania. Our borough gave birth to a number of artists, writers and performers who have made lasting impressions on the literary, arts and theater worlds.

  1. It’s quirky, fun and educational

While it’s clear West Chester was a cultural hub, the exciting fact is that it still is. Fancy a tour at one of the largest American Helicopter Museums in the nation? Yeah, that’s located here in West Chester. And our apartments are only a mile away from it. Taking your kids to this museum and showing them the a slice of America’s history (as told through the beast-like choppers on display) makes for memories and a lesson you won’t find at an amusement park or big city. The Chester County Historical Society also makes for a great experience – with so much to learn, many of our residents find themselves visiting time and again. To top it all off, West Chester University offers an incredible amount of resources to community members, including lectures, performances shows and sporting events.

From amazing restaurants and unique gift shops to community festivals and art centers, West Chester, PA has enough activities and places of interest to make anyone fall in love with the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for an apartment to put you in the center of everything wonderful West Chester has to offer, contact 124 Marketplace today or schedule an appointment for a walk-through to see exactly how and where you’ll fit in. While we love our neighborhood, our residents and the community we’ve built are what make our apartment complex truly awesome, and we can’t wait to welcome you home.