Looking for a new place can be a very big deal, plagued with a ton of factors that are important to consider. The first determining factor is usually the neighborhood; new residents want a place that has great schools, bars, nightlife and community events – all of which West Chester, PA offers. But we’ve also found that one of the reasons people tend to choose living in a West Chester apartment other than renting a house, is (sometimes subconsciously) because they want to feel a sense of community.

And for the ultimate sense of community, 124 Marketplace goes the extra mile to make sure that renters feel like they are a part of something special rather than simply living in an apartment complex. We’ve already planned several football and hockey viewing parties at local restaurants like Boxcar Brewery (and have more in the works!) and continue to promote neighborliness between our residents through our social media contests. (For instance, if you Tweet, email or post a cute or funny pet video or pic to our Facebook page, you can win a $50 gift card!) We also put together weekly networking Happy Hour events and always offer free coffee and snacks in our lobby, so our residents can actually get to know each other. We offer an apartment complex that’s more than just a place to live, it’s a place to call home.

Check out the video below to see what community life in West Chester is like once you step outside the 124 Marketplace doors. To learn about leasing options or check out one of our available units for yourself and get in with the 124 Marketplace community, apply online or contact us today by calling (610) 696-5687 or sending us a message.