Community involvement is important for us here at 124 Marketplace. For us, it’s not enough to provide luxurious and comfortable apartments in West Chester Borough (although it is our top priority). We want to go further by giving back to the community and giving our residents the chance to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of West Chester.

Why we prioritize community involvement

There are several reasons why we want to become closely involved in the West Chester community. These include:

Ensuring our residents feel at home

Moving to another place is one of hardest things anyone can do. Aside from feeling homesick, people have to adjust to the sights and sounds of their new home and deal with a new set of neighbors. Unfortunately, many of our new residents go through this experience when they move to the borough, so we try to help them settle in by introducing them to the community. This way, they’ll feel welcome and at home and hopefully adjust to their West Chester apartments in a quicker and easier way.

Helping local businesses

Here at 124 Marketplace, we introduce our residents to the local shops, restaurants, and other establishments and encourage them to use these businesses. These, in turn, help local entrepreneurs attract more clients and increase their sales.

Making West Chester a better place

Many people opt to live in our apartments in West Chester PA not just because they’re clean, comfortable, and attractive but also because they have a nice and decent location. If West Chester wasn’t one of the most desirable communities in the country, we wouldn’t be able to attract tenants and we’d be left with many vacant units. So, in a way, becoming involved with the community is our way of giving back to the borough and ensuring it remains a fantastic place to live.

Promoting community involvement

There are lots of ways to become actively involved in the community. Here are some of the strategies that we use:

Organizing discount programs

We have built partnerships with several local businesses over the years and have created a discount program that our residents will certainly find useful. Through this program, they can enjoy several discounts in some of the bars, restaurants, and cafes in the area just by presenting their 124 Marketplace fob or keychain. It’s actually a win-win situation for everyone: our residents can have access to delicious food and drinks, while local dining establishments can gain new loyal clients who’d certainly dine with them again and again.

Hiring local businesses

We know how busy our residents are, so we offer several services that can make their lives easier. We make it a point, though, to use local businesses to deliver these services. For instance, we offer dog walking services to residents with pets, courtesy of Chester County Dog Walkers. We also provide door-to-door dry cleaning services with the help of Orth Cleaners. Again, this strategy hits two birds with one stone since it provides convenience to our residents while helping local establishments create another stream of income.

Being involved in the community is something that comes naturally to us here at 124 Marketplace. By making it a priority, we can provide the best possible services to our residents while helping develop the local economy. To join in our little community, contact us online or by calling (610) 696-5687, schedule a walk-through of our building or apply online today.